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Double Knot

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

My food journey has been very exciting lately. A friend of mine took me to the Double Knot in Philly and of course I fell in love! So, yesterday I decided to go back with another friend because I wanted to show her something knew lol. Really, I think I just had a taste for the Cabbage, Pickled Carrots, Daikon, Mint, no Cilantro, Chicken, Shrimp, Rice topped with a Runny Egg dish again. And get this, it was only $7 plus maybe an extra $1 because I added an extra protein. My kind of meal, I love deals and steals. So, you guessed it, whenever I am in the Downtown Philly area between the hours of 10am-3pm I just might be stopping at the Double Knot! I can't use chop sticks by the way, I just though it would make a great picture. .

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