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Father & Daughter Baptism

We often hear the phrase Daddy daughter bond or the popular saying that there is nothing like the bond between a father and his daughter, but have you ever heard of a Father/ Daughter Baptism?

It was two days before my 33rd birthday and the very first time my father has met my Pastor, and my father says to him “I want to get baptized with my daughter. Being the jokester that he is at first I thought he was joking and it also took my Pastor by surprise but after realizing the sincerity in his tone, they had a conversation and the rest was history.

It all started when I began reciting the mantra 33 and ME, as the theme for my 33rd birthday. I felt like I spent every birthday with someone. I never spent time alone to celebrate me! I declared my 33rd birthday as the ultimate ME day!! I feel as though everything that took place during the weekend leading up to my birthday was God ordained. I was a guest host at an event hosted by the Fearless Women's Network, where I had the opportunity to network and build relationships with some of the top influencers in the Philadelphia area.

On that same night my father hosted a birthday party for me at his home and it was the sweetest thing. He decorated with balloons and streamers, birthday cakes and even cooked a full spread. I was filled with so much love that night surrounded by my family and close friends.

Sunday morning came and I wasn’t really sure my father would show for the baptism but he did! We sat together in the front of the church and the feeling of internal joy filled us both. It was so indescribable, the feeling of gratitude that we felt. Going through such a spiritual act with my father is one that I will cherish forever. Even though my father had been saved and believes in Jesus Christ, I had never experienced him publicly professing his love and adoration for God. After I went through the spiritual cleansing of my soul and watching my father do the same I was so consumed with the spirit of joy. It was like being on a spiritual high. Its had nothing to do with being dunked in the water, baptism is much more than that. “Baptism is the religious right of immersing a person in water, symbolizing purification and resurrection into a new unified life with Jesus Christ. It is the outward symbol of the commitment you made in your heart, a commitment that has to be followed through and lived out on a daily basis.”

I am happy that my Pastor took the time to teach on baptism prior to having the baptism service. I feel like it really helped me to understand things on a deeper level. Even though my mother told me that I had been baptized as a baby, I believe this is the time that it really mattered. I had made the choice to live for God and to display that publicly for the world to see. I feel like this season of my life God has been stretching me and getting me to operate outside of my comfort zone. I have been forced to lean on God in ways I never thought possible. But obedience is better than sacrifice.. or at least that is what the old time church folks say. I can agree that its been working for me. My mind has been blown with how good God has been to me. I urge all of my followers, to get to know God for yourself and not by what you've heard about him from anyone else. Build a relationship with Jesus Christ, just as you would with a friend and be committed. It was the best decision I ever made in my life.

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תגובה אחת

This was so dope! God bless yall!!

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