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It's time to LEVEL UP!

Are you a woman who wants to start walking in purpose? Do you lack support of people who understand what you're going though? Do you have trouble with completing something you started? 

Let me coach you with navigating through your fears, doubts, and other hurdles that have kept you from moving forward.   ​

I'll be a listening ear and confidante who you can share all your challenges with.​

I'll be an accountability partner to help you follow through and complete the goals you create for yourself and so much more.

It's time to LEVEL UP!



Are you truly happy with what you're doing with your life?


Are you still struggling to discover what your purpose is?

How about you're feeling frustrated because you know you're here on earth for something more but you don't know exactly what that is?


I want every woman who struggles with discovering their purpose to experience what it's like to live their life feeling fulfilled, happy, and purposeful.


The Jump-start Your Purpose Plan combines my personal experiences and training into a plan that you can do at your own pace from the comfort of your couch. It's for the woman who wants to feel like her life has meaning and she's walking in purpose.


You know you have been called by God to do something with your gifts & talents and you're so ready to discover what that is. It's time to begin feeling that eternal joy and happiness that comes from living out purpose.

Jump-start Your Purpose Plan is designed to:

  • get you to start thinking different about who you are

  • help you define what your top values in life are

  • show you how your thinking has been shaping your life

  • show you the importance of investing in yourself

  • finally help you define what your purpose, vision, & mission is in life

Get started today with the Jump-start Your Purpose Plan

Free Goal-Friend tee when you download course!



Are you sick of talking to yourself?

Does your circle lack that one person who is like-minded? Do you wish you had someone to talk to about your business idea, dreams, and goals? I was once in that space where I had no one to bounce any of my ideas off of and no one in my circle understood the dreams and goals I wanted to accomplish. So I invested in a coach!


I will be that like-minded person you need that you're currently lacking in your life.


Let's talk about your startup business ideas, personal issues, questions, concerns, pains and problems. You will receive insightful, honest and valuable feedback pertaining to your life and or business. If you're ready to start making some changes in your life and step out of your comfort zone, but you don't know where to begin, or you just need some guidance, schedule your session today!

I have experience in the following areas & more:

  • starting & launching your business

  • website creation

  • branding direction

  • social media for business set-up

  • tools & resources for business start-up

  • product development

  • apparel wholesale vendor sourcing

  • fashion line start-up

  • mindset coaching

  • customer service & management

  • personal development coaching

Your session will include:

  • 90-minute phone recorded session, Zoom recorded session, or in person session within 25 mile radius

  • 30-minute follow-up session within 30 days




Free Goal-Friend tee when you book a session!

Enough of not getting things done because you don't have anyone holding you accountable!

Setting goals is an easy thing to do, but actually putting action behind them to get them accomplished is a different story. I've helped numerous amounts of women and one thing most have in common is, lack of accountability.


Accountability makes you feel the need to bring something to the table.

You simply can't do this thing alone, so, I'll be your Goal-Friend.

This one-on-one coaching package is for the individual who knows what they want to accomplish but needs that in your face accountability. They don’t have the guidance needed to move forward and trying everything is getting them nowhere.

I'll be your personal cheerleader. If you are ready to work toward the life you dream about and have an accountability partner with you every step of the way than the Goal-friend Accountability one-on-one coaching is for you! 


Here is what you will experience while working one-on-one with

Dominique Danielle: 

  • 90 min Strategy Session

  • Bi-weekly accountability call

  • Digital accountability journal

  • Prayer and Meditation Guide 

  • Full access to Dominique during office hours 

  • Jump-start Your Purpose Course

​**DD Lifestyle coaching will set up in person visits with clients that are within a predetermined travel radius. An additional fee may be added for travel outside of the Philadelphia tri-state area. Please inquire at the time of booking.** 


Mindset Makeover group coaching was created for women seeking a community of like-minded women.


What if I told you that your life would flourish based on what you feed it with?

Mindset Makeover is a 6 week intensive change your mind, change your life virtual group coaching program which will equip you with tools on setting a clear understanding of what your Purpose, Vision, & Mission is. Whether you want to make personal lifestyle changes or need assistance with that idea you want to bring to life, this community is what you need.

Mindset Makeover is for the woman who:


  • Wants to get started with living her purpose and start putting herself out there in a bigger way

  • Wants to let go of the old stories and limiting beliefs that are holding her back

  • Needs that boost of confidence to put herself back out there

  • Is ready to surround herself with other powerful women who are making an impact

  • Is ready to completely shift her life to be more in alignment with what she desires 

Does this sound like you? If so, here is what you will experience:

  • One-on-one 60 min Strategy Session

  • Define what success looks like to you

  • Set actionable goals

  • Bi-weekly small group accountability calls with 1:1 coaching from me for each person on the call (insight from the coaching of the other group members)

  • Private Facebook group with support from me and the group

6 Pre-recorded modules with topics including:

  • Mindset Makeover

  • Defining your Purpose, Vision & Mission

  • Understanding your Personality Type

  • Action Plan- SMART Goals 

  • Defining your target audience  

  • Setting up your social media like a Pro!

  • Resources to build your community